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Trusting God when life is going swimmingly is easy but what do we do when we are faced with uncertainties? How do we respond when we don’t have the answers?


Have you been hurt and disappointed so much that trust is a hard pill to swallow? When attempting a new season in life how can we walk in it strong?


We go through life’s ups and downs, and they can indeed be excruciating and painful and I am sure you have spent many hours on your knees seeking the Lord.


We have read many scriptures on the topic. But until we renew our mind and learn to trust God and His Name, we can struggle to truly experience peace in all life circumstances, ups and downs.


This book & mind renewal project will take you on a journey to renew your mind to trusting God

  • Learn how to easily let go of the worries and fears that are thrown at you and thrive in trusting
  • Learn how to anchor in the Names of God and appropriate them so that you can be confident in Him
  • Learn how to develop a clear, renewed mind so that when life throws its curve balls you can hit them out of the park!


Now more than ever do, you need to master this area of your life. Imagine trusting God to such a level that you can walk in the peace that surpasses all understanding.


This is the PDF version - why not sign up in our school and you get the pdf included for free:


Check out our corresponding workbook & journal to go along with this study.


Trusting God & Letting Go - Study Book - DIGITAL

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