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5 Stars on Amazon


This book is a condensed version of arguably the most straight forward and to the point guide that you can find and use to pull down strongholds and break soul ties.
This explains what precisely strongholds are, what their purpose is, and how to deal with strongholds and their effects, simply and directly.
This is a small but powerful must have kit that you can use for yourself and to help others get free also.
I wanted to create something that pretty much gets as practical as possible and fast! When there are strongholds causing trouble, you don’t want to have to read through hundreds and hundreds of pages to finally get to the last chapter and there you find the practical steps towards deliverance and liberation, for most that takes too long, and with all of the difficulties, temptations, troubles and attacks this current age has to throw at the walk of a believer, it’s high time to cut the fluff and just get down to business, so here it is as requested, the pulling down strongholds kit!

Pulling Down Strongholds - The Basics - By Matthew Tucker - PDF

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