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Embark on an illuminating journey of inner and outer nourishment with 'Spirit-Full Eating and Walking in Divine Health.' This guide reconnects you with the Holy Spirit's wisdom, leading from spirit to body, uncovering authentic nourishment for profound healing and divine health.


The book highlights the perils of prioritizing external health perspectives, prompting a realignment toward spiritual wisdom. Author Sophia Tucker shares personal insights, urging readers to embrace the simplicity found in Christ's teachings.


'Spirit-Full Eating' delves into the danger of diet culture overshadowing spiritual guidance. By emphasizing surrender and aligning intentions with God's desires, the book presents a fresh approach to lasting transformation.


Through stories and revelations, 'Spirit-Full Eating and Walking in Divine Health' empowers you to break free from destructive patterns and embrace divine truth. Sophia's unique insights inspire us to relinquish worldly standards, nourishing the soul for healing, freedom, and vibrant well-being.


Part One of the series, 'Spirit-Full Eating,' beckons you to open the door to the One who is the way, truth, and life. Are you ready to step through?


Sophia carries a deep devotion to her roles as a Pastor's Wife, author, and visionary behind the transformative women's ministry, Tapestry Of Beauty. She also passionately oversees The Mind Renewal School, a sanctuary for spiritual growth. Her days are adorned with the pursuits of writing, reading, and the nurturing of souls.


Through her ministries and blogs, she aspires to inspire many to step confidently into their destinies, unveiling the beauty in the seemingly chaotic threads of life.

Audio Book - Spirit-Full Eating

  • "Experience the transformative journey of Spirit-Full Eating: The Battle Part 1, narrated by Sophia Tucker.

    Dive into the biblical principles of trusting God for emotional, mental, and physical health. This audiobook delves into the concept that as our souls prosper, we find true health.

     Sophia Tucker's narration brings to life the healing power of Christ, focusing on the nourishment and renewal of the soul. Immerse yourself in a Christ-focused approach to well-being, long-lasting health, and freedom.

  • This is a Winzip File of the Audio Book just download and extract the MP3 files to any audio player program.

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