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Dear Father - There is Power in The Fruit

Dear Father,

"Why can't I just get it?" This was my cry often. Do you remember?

Do you remember Lord when I would teach my children the fruit of the Spirit song?

Teach them why it's so essential, but I would struggle with peace in the throws of busy motherhood.

Lord, to me, it seemed you had given me this list of seemingly unattainable to-do lists items.

Studying about the fruit helped, but it was never quite enough.

"I felt like a failure."

I can't remember, Lord, when you began to change my heart about the fruit of the Spirit.

I don't remember the precise day or hour, or event. But I know that you started to flood my attention with everything about the fruit like You always do to change my perception.

"There is power in the fruit."

You taught me that there is power in the fruit of the Spirit. No matter what comes, no matter the trial the fruit protect, guard and strengthen me.

By walking this path with You, I would never have to fulfill the flesh's deeds.

I used to be obsessed with diet rules.

But all the diet rules and regulations I had were nothing in comparison to your fruit.

The fear of man would move me. But, Your Faithfulness and love are a shield.

Wow. Lord, You are so amazing with your promises. You amaze me.

Every. SINGLE. Fruit. They are a gift from You to me.

I decided to become a student of love.

"You are L.O.V.E."

I discovered that YOU ARE LOVE. YOu don't just show love or speak love. You are love.

You don't just show gentleness. You are gentleness personified.

And the list goes on.


Thank you that You changed my view from it being a list but that I get to understand and know you intimately through the fruit.


Thank you for teaching me that things started to change as I discover YOU as the fruit themselves.

I am combining this with my identity. So, yes, I remember now I am in You, and You are in me, and we are one.

This is walking in the Spirit. It's stepping out in the true identity that YOU created for me.

"Teach me, Lord, every single fruit."

Each one becomes sacred and exciting as I discover them and as I discover You! Thank you for teaching me that it is your Joy to reveal yourself to me via the fruit.

"What's happening in the world, Lord?"

Just today, my heart was broken by what is happening in the news.

The pain, the sorrow….

  1. I lean into YOUR love Lord!

  2. Self-control steps in and causes me to pause at this moment before I go on an endless bunny trail of report after report.

  3. Your gentleness speaks to me "Your prayers are effective. I care. I haven't left my people". So I bless and don't curse those I don't agree with on T.V. or in life who have a different opinion to me.

  4. Your peace floods my soul and guards my mind.. Still yourself, Sophia. God is still is on the throne; He is above the heavens and the Earth.

  5. Patience steps in and reminds me that You, O God are trustworthy. Therefore, I don't rush to act irrationally in fear.

  6. Your Faithfulness radiates my memory. And I am seeing how You have never failed your people. I encourage my sister in Christ who doubts.

  7. Lord teach me to take hold of HOPE and confess without wavering from your truth.

  8. I recall your goodness and how I serve such a mighty, mighty good God. I declare your goodness and mercy that endures over the nations.

  9. Your Joy takes over, and I sing your praises as You sing over me and the nations. Hallelujah, I am filled with inexpressible Joy, my Lord! There is no room for fear.

Thank You, Lord.

My prayer is that by grace:

  • As we go through Your Word and discover more of these truths, many women will be set free.

  • Understand their liberty in Christ.

  • The freedom You have set before them and to know You intimately.

  • Let the power of the Fruit of the Holy Spirit radiate our lives in brightness and fullness.

  • That we will no longer see it as a list but as who You are.

  • Touch hearts, Lord, and set them on fire for You.

  • Thank you, Lord, for everything You do for me. You are so so good to me.


Share in the comments what fruit you are excited to discover more about?

Reference Verses

Galatians 5:23, 1 Chronicles 16:34, Psalm 145:9, Hebrews 10:23, Psalm 77:11, Psalm 33:4, Phillipians 4:7, Matthew 11:29, 1 John 4:16

Sophia Tucker

Sophia is the overseer of Tapestry Of Beauty Ministries.

Sophia is a pastor's wife and mother to 3 wonderful young boys. She enjoys writing books, ministering, coaching women and serving her local community.

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